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enlightenment.I never see a trace of lyricism in the lonely Tokgo, I caught a bunch of sunshine reinvent yourself.Huge world, but also no promise I will not help wandering. In fact, loneliness is a smooth course to enjoy.It seems to open the door of this open, free to blossom, this open, Yunjuanyunshu indifferent.Just you and me gently through the world, you pass by, passing me. Then run away ......So far, no miss.You have your pain, he had his trouble, I have my tired, everyone has their own way to go, whether it is straight and level road, or tortuous trail; everyone has their own bloom.Slowly chewing Autumn Whispers, on the fleeting melody playing, so you say you want to turn a blind eye.Because I like a little bit before spreading; because like, I will think of you encounter.So squirming, remembering the original most beautiful love have only fragments. I'm your little space of one episode.Back to square one again, accept the cool early autumn, not always tell the story.If the shallow autumn flowersToday, I stand autumn intersection, extend a little bit with my eyes.What makes me so focused brewing yesterday's style? And what makes me yesterday to reproduce Thanksgiving?My epiphany in ancient poem in a, sigh, I use the language to describe those drawing near.I want to go all the way, such as big flower big flower clouds gather and disperse.How I wish that I look up to so-called love is blue, clear without the slightest contamination, not to relax a little depressed.He held the time did not give my thoughts a little lace inserts, and hurried away. Falling, dry, we have come so unsympathetic.It turned out that love is just a vase of roses, have a shelf life, it will have been out of eachother.So, I convinced myself to myself, so short life, or do a careful preparation for yourself!Shallow autumn CantabileMemory is an open city, accommodate too vast. Pages and pages of old things so stored.I have no urge to think about narrative, so Enron quiet place. With printed in a distant sky forehead.Well, I can give myself up to the time, or do a long journey, or in place to do a Zen things to do ; whether Wyatt heart of a good thing, or helpless tedious; no one's heart is always calm water. Everyone has everyone's life problems; everyone has everyone's mood tangled; everyone has everyone's life, the answer is not necessary to follow the example of others. Manage their mouth, hold his own heart, do not envy other people's lives, do not evaluate others right or wrong, do not care about give and take, when to give, do not get carried away, when you lose, do not lose heart lose heart, open-minded, it is a tolerance; discard , is a kind of wisdom, forget, is a blessing; strong, is a character; life is a natural, life is simple;

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